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40 years ago, a group of Chinese community leaders
40 years ago, a group of Chinese community leaders who were also enthusiasts in the Chinese cultural arts, they were in the pursuit of ensuring the perpetual existence of Chingay in Penang, in the continuance of developments and progress, they worked hand in hand to call for the enthusiasts of various areas in forming a committee, through group-leadership to manage the procession events, unanimously in the meeting they founded the liaison committee of Penang Chnigay.


  In 1975, in order to facilitate the legality of the registration, all the members passed a motion in a special meeting to change the liaison committee into Penang Chnigay Association, at the same time actively applying for the registration, eventually getting the approval as a legitimate organization.

In 1966, the Penang Municipal Council organized the 1st Pesta Festivals in promoting tourism, making this street performance the highlight event.

In 1970, the Penang state government took over the organizing of Pesta Festivals, and Chingay remained as the highlight event. It was also decided that this event to be held in every 25th December, Christmas Day. Besides the colorful Chingay fluttering in the winds, and the Chingay players doing their best in their acrobatics, in between there were also the lion dance and performances from other organizations, making this event even grander.

Since 1970, due to the approval of the government and support of residents from various areas in developing this unique cultural art, Chingay had been on the track to a bright prospect, stamping its fame from near and far, as well as getting the thumbs-up response from among the old and young, local and foreign tourists.

During these years, Penang Chingay Asssociation is getting the invitations from the government and private organizations for the performance, having its hands full for the local and foreign performance arrangements.

In 1973, Penang Chingay went overseas for the first time for performance; it was arranged by the state government to go to Adelaide, Australia. It was the year when Georgetown and Adelaide was declared as the sister cities, bilaterally holding grand ceremonies for the celebrations.

From research, Chingay performance was originated from China, in 2003 when Chingay was invited to China Beijing for its performance, the spectators over there all expressed their surprises on such a magnificent performance.